main image displaying the Blue Razz flavor of the Zero Nicotine Melody Max Pro Disposable Vape.
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Craving-Free Life: 🔓with Zero Nicotine

Join 35,000+ in Quitting: Enhance Life with Our Natural 0% Nicotine Solution.

1:1 Quit Vaping Coaching sessions

Step into a healthier life with Melody Max Pro 🚭! This isn't just a 0% nicotine diffuser; it's your key to a comprehensive quitting solution, at no extra cost. With your purchase, gain free access to our exclusive app, guiding you at every step, and benefit from free personal coaching for tailored support. Embrace your nicotine-free journey effortlessly with Melody Max Pro – your committed ally in quitting vaping.

Melody Max Pro

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Analyze your quit health metrics

Download the Melody all in one quit vaping app to understand your journey quitting nicotine!

Book a call with your our coaches as well for advanced weekly evaluations!

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    “Hard to believe there isn't any nic in these things! Hits like the real thing!”

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    “I'm almost 4 months clean after 4 years by using Melody! ”

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    “I've tried gum, patches, and cold turkey but until I saw the melody tiktoks and the max bar, I had not had this much success. ”


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