main image displaying the Blue Razz flavor of the Zero Nicotine Melody Max Pro Disposable Vape.
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Craving-Free Life: 🔓with Zero Nicotine

Join 35,000+ in Quitting: Enhance Life with Our Natural 0% Nicotine Solution.

Melody Max Pro

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Analyze your quit health metrics

Download the Melody all in one quit vaping app to understand your journey quitting nicotine!

Book a call with your our coaches as well for advanced weekly evaluations!

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    “Hard to believe there isn't any nic in these things! Hits like the real thing!”

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    “I'm almost 4 months clean after 4 years by using Melody! ”

  • ★★★★★

    “I've tried gum, patches, and cold turkey but until I saw the melody tiktoks and the max bar, I had not had this much success. ”


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